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  • February 5, 2019

    The designer must chart a preliminary plan before integrating new hardware with existing systems. They have to identify and rectify any issues related to permits, zoning and other matters that may affect the project. They should take into consideration surrounding environments before building or finalizing network plans.

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    It is the Fiber Optics Designer who should help with the assignments using prescribed methods and standard techniques. The professional need to look into drawing sequence and presentation, sizing various system components, fiber optic cable plants, and refining rough sketches. They must look into initial draft designs and keep track of the ongoing projects as well.

    The Fiber Optics Designer must be capable of building BoQs for all the material, equipment and components required for the layout. The professional must assist in the physical implementation of the design to avoid any complications. They should be able to create a documentation process to address potential issues among technical staff during the installation process or upgrades.