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    January 10, 2019 12:17 AM PST

     Trialix  Signs that your friendship ended FEAR OR PENALTY Believe it or not, with age, many people become more timid or reserved and connecting with others becomes more difficult, especially in this era where almost all our interactions are carried out through social networks. It is difficult to make friends , when you do not know how to make the first contact and how to continue living together. Trialix Canada

    DISTANCE It is possible that one of the most frequent reasons we lose friends is that we create a kind of distance between the people we know. Although it is not a physical space, "losing contact" is one of the most common factors by which relationships fracture. Having initiative is the best thing we can do to recover contact. If you really want a friendship, do not let it go! or recover any of the people you feel you've lost. We're out of 2018!