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Thousands of Monaco maplestory2 mesos

  • November 25, 2018 9:17 PM PST

    Thousands of Monaco supporters made the 730-mile trip for the maplestory2 mesos match and the majority were in the stadium before it was called off.And many kind people in Dortmund have taken to Twitter to offer their homes as a place to stay for last night and today, using the #bedforawayfans.Vespafoto tweeted: 'Dear @AS_Monaco_ES fan.


    We have accomodation (sic) for for 5 people tonight to stay in Dortmund until tomorrow, just message me #bedforawayfans.Fischer said: 'I have space for 8 people. 15 mins away from the stadium.' The hashtag caught on and was endorsed by both clubs, with Dortmund saying.


    'Dear supporter of @AS_Monaco_EN! If you need accommodation in Dortmund, please check #bedforawatyfans.'

    The social media site was also used with Monaco fans asking for best maplestory2 mesos in 2018 help. Meanwhile, the chief executive of Borussia Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke, said police informed him that the explosives that went off near the team bus were hidden by the exit of a hotel and detonated as the bus passed.Dortmund police spokeswoman Nina Vogt said investigators do not yet know the source of the explosions.Watzke said: 'It's our task now to digest this somehow because it's only 24 hours before we have to play.