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    September 12, 2020 3:41 AM PDT

    Click-through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks received from those who saw your ad.

    Increasing your CTR usually boils down to three key points

    Choosing keywords
    The correct approach to the formation of text in ads
    Audience targeting and segmentation
    Let's analyze each of them.

    1. Choosing keywords and match types
    Keywords and their type of match are decisive factors influencing the CTR.

    If your ad groups have a lot of broad match keywords, you are likely to encounter a lot of irrelevant clicks. Broad match allows you to increase reach via discounts to your target audience, and exact match - to show it to a specific group of users.

    It's important to think about these points so that your ads aren't shown to irrelevant audiences in areas that aren't related to you.

    So, for example, the query "dog rehabilitation" can mean both training and a trip to the vet. So it's worth adding negative keywords and keeping an eye on the type of keyword match.

    That being said, if your industry has a low search volume, don't be afraid to choose a wide match type (assuming you create a negative keyword list).

    2. Ad text
    Writing text for your ad has long gone beyond a template. Robotic phrases repeated from ad to ad will definitely not improve your CTR. People want to connect with people, so add life and humanity to your writing.

    So, for example, an ad that includes not only a title but also a description generates more CTR.

    It's also important to consider the presence of a CTA. On the one hand, the banal calls "Try", "Subscribe", "Look" have already set the teeth on edge. On the other hand, it is worth testing how ads work with and without a CTA in order to draw your own conclusion.

    How to increase your click-through rate
    3. Targeting and audience segmentation
    Who do you show your ads to, on what devices / where / at what time users receive them - these are all critical components of CTR.

    If you are targeting more than one major region, chances are you should split your ads even into them, because people can behave differently.

    Running the same ad or ad creative for them will likely make your life as a marketer easier, but lower your CTR and conversions.

    Always work with targeting and segmentation. Try to personalize your ads, up to the time of day, for example, after hours, if a user clicks on your ad with a Call button, no one will answer him. But he can request a call back.

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    September 16, 2020 10:03 PM PDT

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