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  • Hi, guys, now we are going to talk about how Hacking/Botting impacts us at the game, you know, many players using hack and robots mesos in MapleStory, which will bring huge negative effects to all players! Still loads of people who care. More than you think, but most are not satisfied with what Nexon is doing to combat them.

    While they clearly ban them with the time that it requires is way too long and the punishment is much too lenient. Sometimes they do not get them and they wind up hitting 250 at which stage they are pretty much untouchable unless they do something. There's so many problems such as hackers/botters not getting a perm ban immediately. Nexon utilized to perma ban hackers/botters but suddenly they think they'll come clean after their ban? Hackers and botters shouldn't get off this easy and it is one of the reasons why so many do it and continue to perform it. Anouther problem is that they keep everything they've gained after their ban period is over which is foolish. "Oh what is that? You botted to 250 and got billions of mesos? NP bro, you will still have it all when you are unbanned."

    There will likely be problems if they try to de-level players however there has to be some extra type of punishment to discourage rather than simply having a time established punishment. Happily our previous CM was able to receive the elimination of ranks on a return but that still does not stop the billions of mesos these hackers earn especially if they're doing it on mule accounts. Which brings me to yet anouther issue. Seems to be incredibly hard to get GMs to investigate shops and link them into the numerous botter/hackers that are passing off products. There is so many stores in the free market I've seen in company for years now.

    The question we frequently hear from these hackers and botters is "Well it doesn't impact you so why do you care?" .

    Those 20-30mill nodestones? Yeah, they're that cheap simply because of hacking/botting. You might think that's a fantastic thing but it really isn't when it means the profits you make are also going to be far far lower. Next you have the issue together taking maps (often fairly popular ones nowadays) which contributes to 1 map to train on as well as a reduced burning field on such map when they eventually choose to modify station to hack on anouther map. This is merely the botting side of it too. Haven't even gone into the men and women who dupe and end up screwing people over because the duped items end up disappearing when Nexon eventually decides to wash up. The list continues.

    Most of gamers aren't fulfilled by the actions taken by Nexon to combat and deter. There should be formore severe measures to resist hacking/botting, and also the very fact that they are too lenient towards them. https://www.4ms2.com/
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    5/31/18 at 1:00 AM
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Hacking/Botting Affects Everyone in MapleStory

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