Find a Freelance Infrastructure Technician

  •  The Freelance Infrastructure Technician job is a lucrative job profile.Infrastructure Technician will be in charge of the arranging, outline, organization network security, support and investigating of all the issues related to computers and networking. The multi-part position requires flexibility and competency in a few IT areas of learning including Windows servers/administrations, Linux servers/administrations, visualization stages, data security and system foundation.


    Find a Freelance Infrastructure Technician


    This individual will oversee, arrange, secure, bolster and investigate applications and administrations on related physical servers, virtual servers, systems, stockpiling frameworks and data security frameworks, under the direction of an Infrastructure Architect and as guided by the Infrastructure Services Manager to guarantee all frameworks stay utilitarian, accessible and secure.


    Some of roles and responsibilities are mentioned below


    Must have extensive knowledge and develop all new network services & configurations.

    Need to look around network execution and must investigate issues as required.

    Should able direct system movement alongside LAN and WAN establishment.

    Investigate LAN and WAN equipment for issues.

    Outline and introduce advanced PC organize associations including cabling.

    Address and resolve computer problems to build network uptime.

    Assess network usefulness and make information reinforcements.